27 Jan 2013

amongst those left: the british experimental novel 1940-1980

A new publication by Francis Booth which includes an extended chapter on B.S Johnson

"This monumental and comprehensive survey charts for the first time the rise and fall of the British experimental novel, examining in depth over a hundred novels by twenty seven authors. There are extended chapters on Anna Kavan, Stefan Themerson, Rayner Heppenstall, Nicholas Mosley, Christine Brooke-Rose, Alexander Trocchi, Alan Burns, Eva Figes, B.S. Johnson, Jeff Nuttall, Ann Quin, Penelope Shuttle and Rosalind Belben with shorter sections on Stevie Smith, Norman Hidden, Philip Toynbee, Paul Ableman, Peter Redgrove, George MacBeth, Stuart Evans, Julian Mitchell, D.M. Thomas, Tom Phillips, Emma Tennant and Giles Gordon and a section on the New Wave Science Fiction of Brian W. Aldiss and J. G. Ballard. The book is profusely illustrated with images of the covers of all the novels and many other books. Francis Booth is also the author of Comrades in Art: Revolutionary Art in America 1926-1939; Stranger Still: The Works of Anna Kavan and 1922: The Making of the Modern."

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