26 Nov 2008

Keeping up with the Johnsons

Keeping up with the Johnsons is a short piece of prose by Arthur Missa, from his recently published book Formenverfuger/Formenverfueger (Pieces of Prose).

Taking B.S. Johnson's Broad Thoughts from a Home as the inspiration for his text, Missa takes Johnson's literary form, some of his categories and the first part of the story and transfers them to Johnson, his writing and his text itself. Instead of Robert and Samuel it is now Bryan I. and Bryan II. in action.

Keeping up with the Johnsons is written in German, but there will be an English version published soon. Email arthur.missa@gmx.de for more details or to buy the book. (152 pages, 9.90 Euro/ 8 GBP. Author's edition.)

The German version of the text is available in PDF format here.